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Stramongate Academy Trust has three Members and a Governing Board.

The following three people became Members of Stramongate School on 6 December 2011.

Members              Business Interest declared                                                                                               

John Dyer              None                                                                                     

Jean Radley           St Georges Church - Associate Trustee and Priest                                                                                  

Mary French         None                                                                                     

The Governing Board meets together about four times a year. There are five regular committees. Membership of each committee is agreed at the annual September Preparatory meeting.

During the Preparatory meeting, the Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors is elected.


Planning committee                                                                                                

Monitoring committee                                                                                               

Health and Safety committee - includes a representative from the Governing Board

Pay and Performance Management committee - members are Chairs of Planning committee and Monitoring committee, Chair of Governors and Vice-Chair of Governors

Headteacher's Performance Management committee - members are Chairs of Planning committee and Monitoring committee, Chair of Governors and Vice-Chair of Governors                                         

(Also, if required, the following committees can be convened; Dismissals, Appeals, Complaints)      

The term of office for all appointed governors is four years. Governors are also known as Trustees.


Appointed by          Representative of   Name                      Committee                              Term of Office                                        NOTES

Ex-officio                                                 Mike Poole              Planning, Monitoring               Ex-officio                                      Accounting Officer

Members                 Staff                       Kate Skellern           Planning, Monitoring               20 Nov 17              20 Nov 21

Members                 Staff                        Kerrie Bumby          Planning, Monitoring              21 Nov 16              21 Nov 20               

Members                 Staff                        Elaine Gilpin              Planning, Monitoring             21 Nov 16              21 Nov 20           

Members                 Parent                     Amanda Conner      Planning, Monitoring              23 Mar 14             23 Mar 18      Chair of Planning.

Members                 Parent                     Shirley King             Monitoring                                21 Nov 16                21 Nov 20

Members                 Parent                     Evan Shanks            Planning, Monitoring         24 Oct 14        24 Oct 18   Vice-Chair of Governors,                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chair of Monitoring.

Members                 Parent                     Steven Randles       Planning, Monitoring              3 July 17                  3 Jul 21

Members                 Community             Andrew Baxter        Planning, Monitoring             24 Oct 14               24 Oct 18   Chair of Governors.

Members                 Community             Maggie Donald       Planning                                    29 Feb 16                29 Feb 20               

Members                 Community              Martin Shufflebottom   Planning, Monitoring     20 Nov 17                20 Nov 21    

Members                 Community             Jean Radley             Planning                                   3 Dec 15                  3 Dec 19 

The Chair of Governors, Andrew Baxter, can be contacted via Stramongate School's address.                                                                                            Lorna Askew is the Clerk to the Governors, l.askew@stramongate.cumbria.sch.uk   

Recent Governors                                                                                  

Members                 Staff         Emma Anderson                     Period of office finished                         October 2012 - October 2016

Members                 Staff         Matthew Beresford                Period of office finished                         October 2012 - October 2016

Members                 Parent      Peter Bryant                            Resigned                                                   February 2016 - March 2017

Members                 Community      Sheila Mawer                  Resigned                                                    July 2015 - July 2017       

Members                  Staff                  Yolande Nelson             No longer a staff member                       July 2015 - July 2017